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TH10 Leveling Guide - Minimum Requirements and Guidelines

By: ProAntagonist 7/11/2016

"TH10 is a pain in the dick." - Pro

The clan is growing up and many players want to know when they should begin the upgrade of their TH. As our players get stronger and higher level, this becomes less a big deal for lower TH levels. Currently, if you aren't already TH9, we don't really care if or when you upgrade anything. Seriously! That's because all TH8 and TH9 are 3 starred every single war. Your upgrades begin to have meaning once you approach maxing TH9. But when are you considered to be approaching max TH9? Great question! The following is a brief guide for those of you that feel that your TH9 puberty has ended and you may be ready for the ball busting pain in the dick responsibility of becoming a TH10 in our clan.

TH9 seeking to start TH10

Minimum Requirements: 

  • Potential TH10 should have maxed all of their war and raid research. This will typically be the starting point for when players should begin to consider advancing. Idle laboratory just feels wrong doesn't it? However, this is a great opportunity for you to begin focusing on heroes and walls! As updates gets released, any troop/spell can be buffed or nerfed and you do not want to fall behind.

  • Potential TH10 should also be reliably 3 starring upper mid and top TH9 bases. This can be supported via war performance (leaderboards) and/or challenges. DO NOT go TH10 because you struggle vs TH9 and you hope that the extra offense/defense will give you an edge in war. What is worse than a maxed TH9 that doesn't 3 star their peers? Your right, a rushed TH10 that still doesn't 3 star TH9!

  • Potential TH10 should have level 20+ heroes. This will help a lot with war and raiding (see the previous point). If willing to wait til 30/30 even better! Be warned, upgrading with premature heroes and then building TH10 defenses will earn a long term position on the bench.

  • It is NOT important that you max your defenses or walls! Leveling your defenses is completely personal preference. In fact, not leveling your defenses is probably more beneficial to the clan since you will be weighted less in war match making. Same goes for walls, albeit walls are very minimally weighted and the benefit of having the strongest walls possible will more than off set any additional weight given to your base in match making. I suggest having all lvl 9 (lego) walls, but this is not a deal breaker. Especially if all other criteria is met.
    • Why is it beneficial for the clan if I don't upgrade my current defenses or build new or stronger towers? Another great question! This is because clans are matched based on their clans overall war weight. Every building, research, and upgrade increases you individual war weight, which is then added to each of your clan mates that are currently in that war. Defensive towers are weighted most heavily. And, not surprisingly, stronger towers like eagle artillery, inferno towers, and xbows are weighted much heavier. Its good to note here that your war ranking is reflective of your defensive weight ONLY. While offensive upgrades such as research, barracks upgrades, and heroes also increase your war weight, they are weighted less heavily than defenses. In addition, like upgrading walls, the benefit of having a strong enough offense to 3 star enemy bases with both attacks off sets the additional weight given to your base in match making. Worst case scenario, your shitty defense and high offensive weight ranks you somewhere in the lower middle and the enemy earns 3 stars. BUT, your offense can earn us 6 stars versus their upper middle and top! 6 stars vs upper middle/top > 3 stars vs lower middle! Go math!  

TH9.5/New TH10 Guidelines and Methods

As a clan, we are not yet strong enough to compensate for more than a couple new or rushed TH10s. Unlike in the opening paragraph, each of your upgrades carry enough weight to drastically influence our match ups. First and foremost, you MUST adhere to the following two guidelines:

  1. DO NOT build ANY new defenses!!!
  2. DO NOT upgrade your current (TH9) defenses!!!

Those two guidelines are MANDATORY until you are able to reliably 2+ star enemy and peer TH10s as supported via war performance (leaderboards) and/or challenges. However, feel free to build and upgrade your clan castle, new walls, and all of the traps. These are weighted very low and will give your builders something to do while you save the exorbitant amount of elixir you will need to upgrade your spell factories, laboratory, barracks, and camps. This is important, because you will very soon realize how terrible you are at this game and we need to minimize the damage you cause the rest of the clan as you improve all of the bad habits you developed as a TH9 that no longer work vs TH10. It is durring this time you should decide what your preferred end game method will be as a TH10. I will include a brief overview of two encouraged methods, but ultimately this will become entirely your decision based on your own goals and preferences. 

Pro's Method: After staying TH9.5 and following the two mandatory guidelines above, I decided that I wanted my base to defend better in war as well as in raids. I figured that as much effort as I put into the game, that I could eventually find or tweak a good enough base design to defend my dark elixir at home and to prevent getting two starred in war. I am still working on that... Therefore, my plan included building all of the new defenses (including the infernos and 3rd xbow) so that I could try out several of the base designs we faced in war and/or designs I came across online. However, I have opted not to upgrade my towers past TH9 level and the inferno towers should be upgraded to level 2 (its a huge upgrade). This is because the increase in damage from level 1 to level 2 is equal to the increase in damage from level 2 to level 4. This way I have kept my base damage and weight comparatively low, but I am not restricted on design. I do not recommend this strategy until you have at a minimum 30/30 heroes and can confidently 3 star 9.5 bases and reliably 2+ similarly weak TH10s. 

Alternate Method: This method is very similar to what some of our TH9 have been doing. We have faced many bases in war that have upgraded their TH and then their defenses, but did NOT build any of the new towers. In this case, you will still utilize a TH9 style base (with 25 more walls), but you can max out all of your current towers. This base will appear to be "easy" only because it lacks infernos. The upside is that it will actually deal more damage and be weighted less for war than Pro's Method. In theory, it should also absorb more attacks in war as opponents struggle to 3 star the "easy" one. The downside is opponents will be able to heal and your base will much more easily be 2/3 starred and likely get raided more often.