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The Rise of Dead (Raiding Pt. 1)

By: DeadEyeMcAlistr 7/11/2016

As you may know, I raid a lot. And I get a lot of loot. And I do it quickly. For reference, I can do 1-2 fire walls (level 10, costs $3 million gold/elixir) per day and I can upgrade my heroes (costing 100k-150k dark elixir) once every 4-6 days. It's crazy how much loot I get.

There's a method to my mad loot, and I'll share it with you here.

Let's get this straight first, to use my method, or any successful raiding strategy, you need patience. You have to be ready to click next 100+ times until you find the ideal target. You could be nexting for 3-5 minutes sometimes, but it's worth it.

There are 2 different raid armies I use that correspond to the title. Each of these armies serve a specific purpose and have different strategies. They are:

  1. My rise army
  2. My drop army

What the hell are rise and drop referring to? Trophies!

In my experience, the higher your trophies, the more difficult it becomes to get decent loot, and the more likely it is you will get your ass pounded on defense. The opposite is true with low trophies. Plenty of easy bases and no one is brave or stupid enough to attack your badass base. The game tries to make up for this with the win bonus and star bonus, but at a certain point it doesn't really help.

The Rise

Note: This army / strategy assumes you don't give a shit about gaining elixir because many times you will lose it. You can try to adjust the troops/spells to prevent elixir loss, but I've found that I don't need to. My elixir still rises, but much slower than gold. 

The troops / spells

  • 20 giants (16 if you're TH8)
  • 8 wizards
  • 8 wallbreakers
  • 44 archers
  • 28 goblins
  • 7 wizards 1 wallbreaker (or 2 archers) in clan castle
  • 3 heal spells
  • 1 jump spell 
  • 2 poison spells (1 in clan castle)
  • At least 1 hero, preferably Archer Queen, but Barbarian King can work too

The strategy

The primary goal of this army for me is core diving for dark elixir. People generally put dark elixir storage in the center so you've got to be able to punch through to get it all. You also have to check the levels and positions of dark elixir drills. Sometimes I don't check them and get dick for dark elixir even though I made it to the core. Then I realize the drills were on the edges and they had all the goo. Shit!

What do I look for in a base?

  1. At least 2500 dark elixir, preferably 3000+. Often times you won't get it all, and I don't consider a raid worth it if I don't get at least 2500 dark elixir
  2. A base where dark elixir storage, drills, and townhall are as concentrated as possible. This is not a great army for 3 starring TH9s, so you have to focus. I prefer a base with dark elixir storage and townhall next to each other, and usually drills are on opposite sides of the base. If a base has them all lined up diagonally, or townhall and dark elixir storage on opposite sides, it's too much work for me.
  3. A base that's easy to create a funnel. Donut or circle shaped bases are designed to make your troops circle around the center ring. If you're skilled and experienced with these bases you can get tons of dark elixir. But if you're not great at funneling or you hit some unlucky traps, you're fucked. I tend to avoid these bases.
  4. A base that has the dark elixir storage and townhall no more than 3 layers deep. You always want to use wallbreakers for outer layer, and then straddle the middle two with jump. If you can't do this, it's going to be very hard to get to the core.

Nice to haves, but not necessary base features

  • Base with heroes upgrading
  • Base with xbows or teslas under construction
  • Abandoned bases
  • Bases with easy to pick off outer buildings

How to raid

  1. I like to start by identifying which side to attack from. Ideally, this is the side closest to the most dark elixir storing buildings.
  2. Try to pick off outer buildings and set off traps with archers, if possible. This will help create your funnel and get you some percentage for win bonus. If one dark elixir drill is on the opposite side you are attacking from, try to pick off any buildings around it, if possible.
  3. Spread giants across the entire side of the base. this will give you wider coverage for your wizards and minimize the risk of a big group of troops hitting one spring or bomb
  4. Follow up giants with wizards. Drop wizards at the outside edges first. This will help funnel the troops to the center instead of circling.
  5. Use wallbreakers to get through first level of walls. Try not to send them into mortar or wizard tower splash zones!
  6. Spread most or all of your remaining archers behind the wizards. They will clean up some shit and help the push. 
  7. I typically heal two groups of giants after they break the first wall. This is because they took a beating while waiting for wallbreakers, and they will likely hit a bunch of traps once they break through.
  8. Poison clan castle troops when you see them. If there are not clan castle troops, poison heroes.
  9. Once the main army has cleared the first level of the base, drop a jump that bridges your troops to the center.
  10. If all dark elixir is in the center, you can send in your heroes now, or just your Barbarian King if it's not all in the center.
  11. Drop a couple of test goblins to see which way they run. You don't want to drop them all until you know they'll go straight to the center / wherever dark elixir buildings are.
  12. Drop a heal over the buildings you want your goblins to smash. They will die from 2 hits of splash damage without a heal so drop it early!
  13. If 1 dark elixir drill is on the opposite side of the base, hopefully you were able to pick off the surrounding buildings with archers. Now send in your Archer Queen to get the drill.

That's about it for the rise! You'll 2 star pretty much every time so your trophies will rise relatively quickly. 40-50 raids will be enough to upgrade any hero level 1-30. You'll naturally accumulate gold and elixir while focusing on dark elixir, so I never worry about those. Use it for research or walls.

When to stop

I typically stop using this army once I reach Crystal 1 (2400-2600 trophies) or Masters 3 (2600+ trophies). At that point, the bases become too difficult for raid armies or don't have enough loot to make it worth the raid. You'll have to do a lot more nexting the higher you rise. So then I start to drop.....