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Recruitment Guidelines

By: ProAntagonist 5/18/2017

In order to avoid us getting a bunch of scrubby recruits over and over and over... I would like everyone to consult this guide for any future recruits.

The Perfect Recruit: The perfect recruit is TH8+, non rushed base (ie weak offense and weighted base), chats, donates, is active in raiding (check attacks won for the current season), has good stats (gold grab, elixir escapade, heroic heist (de), friend in need, war hero, etc.) speaks fluent english, lives in a US time zone friendly region, and is 18+ in age.

Friends, Family, and Alts: Ideally, anyone within this category fits many of the above characteristics of a perfect recruit, but since they are friends and family we will accept them regardless. They still will need to earn the Elder status to war and the clan expectations for warring is still in effect for them. Keep in mind that anyone you bring in under your name reflects on you. That being said, friends, family, and alts will always be accepted and will get the most leniancy.

Minimum Guidelines: We can accept non rushed players at just about any TH level, especially if they meet most of the characteristics of the perfect recruit. The following is a set of minimum guidelines that we can refer to in order to quickly gauge potential recruits. 

TH11 with eagle artillery built: Minimum 35/35 heroes

TH11 without eagle artillery, but with infernos built: Minimum 30/30 heroes

TH10 with infernos built: Minimum 25/25 heroes

TH10 without infernos built: Minimum 20/20 heroes

TH9 with MAX x-bows built: Minimum 20/20 heroes

TH9 with x-bows built: Minimum 10/10 heroes

TH8: Level 5 barbarian king

Engineered or lopsided bases: These players seem to have a good understanding of the game and appear to be willing to play to win. We can accept just about any player with an advantaged offense to defense ratio and hero levels may not be a good indicator for these players.

The Questioning Phase: Every new recruit must be questioned thoroughly after being accepted to the clan. We need to confirm their age, location, and ability to speak and understand English. If something seems off, either call it out and give them the opportunity to explain OR boot em! There are plenty of fish in the sea.

The Promotion Phase: After they seem to pass our questioning phase, every new recruit needs to be explained our war eligibility requirements. Essentially, they need to earn Elder to war via Friendly Challenges (FCs). In addition, I would like to tell them that this needs to be done within their first 24 hours. We can give them more time if they have heroes upgrading or some other valid reason, BUT I want to avoid recruits that aren't eager to war. Shortly after their status changes from New to Member, we should begin booting recruits that we barely recognize. The simplest way around this is that they earn Elder immediately.

To earn Elder, we should expect recruits to 3 star a similar base or one that is just weaker than their own. The following are suggested minium FC results to earn Elder by townhall level and general base description.

TH11 with eagle artillery built should 2+ similar bases and 3 star max TH10s.

TH11 without eagle artillery, but with infernos built should 3 star max TH10s.

TH10 with infernos built should 2+ similar bases and 3 star upgraded TH9.5s.

TH10 without infernos built should 3 star max TH9s.

TH9 should 3 star similar bases.

TH9 without x-bows built should 3 star max TH8s.

TH8 and lower should 3 star similar bases.

The Probation Period: All new recruits will be on a short leash. We dont have to boot for every minor infraction, but if they consistently biff requests, beg for promotions, miss any war attacks, are disrespectful or impatient, or just don't seem to fit the clan vibe, then we need to boot them. Every recruit ought to be doing their best to impress us, and if at this time they are already dropping the ball then its better for the clan to cut them immediately.