Clan Rules and How-To Guides

Building Out vs Building Up

By: ProAntagonist 10/18/2017

These two terms are used quite frequently when discussing base upgrades and war weight strategies. It is important to understand the difference between these two concepts and their implications. I do not plan to re-hash all of those implications here, as they have already been discussed in more detail in our guides relating to upgrading and war weight. Instead, I will simply provide some definitions.

Before I discuss each concept, I feel the need to define what we mean by towers. <....Continued....

Recruitment Guidelines

By: ProAntagonist 5/18/2017

In order to avoid us getting a bunch of scrubby recruits over and over and over... I would like everyone to consult this guide for any future recruits.

The Perfect Recruit: The perfect recruit is TH8+, non rushed base (ie weak offense and weighted base), chats, donates, is active in raiding (check attacks won for the current season), has good stats (gold grab, elixir escapade, heroic heist (de), friend in need, war hero, etc.) speaks ....Continued....

Making the jump to TH9 - Do's and Dont's

By: ProAntagonist 5/15/2017

Chances are that you are a newer member to the clan and you don't want to mess things up here. Well you have come to the right place, please read ahead to avoid making any major mistakes that could take you out of war for a prolonged amount of time.

As a TH7/8 you could pretty much get away with not being very good. Most of the time you can just spam your army at a base and three star it without much planning or consequence for failure. Also, noone really kept tabs on your base de....Continued....

Hero Leveling Like a Pro!

By: ProAntagonist 9/17/2016

Getting max level heroes is a lot of work. And it also takes a lot of time. To make matters worse, raiding without a hero can be rough and warring without a hero is very ill advised. Well I can't fix any of these issues, but here is a simple guide on how I am able to upgrade a hero every week while only missing out on one war each upgrade. Be forewarned, this method will cost you about 450 gems (or just under $5) per upgrade after hero down time caps at 7 days per upgrade.

To com....Continued....

TH10 Leveling Guide - Minimum Requirements and Guidelines

By: ProAntagonist 7/11/2016

"TH10 is a pain in the dick." - Pro

The clan is growing up and many players want to know when they should begin the upgrade of their TH. As our players get stronger and higher level, this becomes less a big deal for lower TH levels. Currently, if you aren't already TH9, we don't really care if or when you upgrade anything. Seriously! That's because all TH8 and TH9 are 3 starred every single war. Your upgrades begin to have meaning once you approach maxing TH9. Bu....Continued....

The Rise of Dead (Raiding Pt. 1)

By: DeadEyeMcAlistr 7/11/2016

As you may know, I raid a lot. And I get a lot of loot. And I do it quickly. For reference, I can do 1-2 fire walls (level 10, costs $3 million gold/elixir) per day and I can upgrade my heroes (costing 100k-150k dark elixir) once every 4-6 days. It's crazy how much loot I get.

There's a method to my mad loot, and I'll share it with you here.

Let's get this straight first, to use my method, or any successful raiding strategy, you need patience. You have to be ready to clic....Continued....

War Plan

By: ProAntagonist 7/9/2016

We war to win!

Here is the system we will use. It is nothing unique, just a combination of strategies used by other warring clans that have been modified to accomodate most play styles and our clan expectations.

General Rules

  1. Use both attacks every war, win or lose! Players that attack early during a losing war should not be left out to dry. In addition, once all reasonable targets have been 3 starred you g....Continued....